2017 National Hot Dog Day on Elizabeth Avenue!
The Elizabeth Avenue Partnership (EAP) celebrated its third annual National Hot Dog Day on Friday - July 21, 2017 from 12-5 p.m. featuring dollar hot dogs from Tommy’s Italian Hot Dogs and Sausages and Jerry’s Frankfurters, both located one store apart on Second Avenue!

Second Avenue, between Elizabeth Avenue and South Street, was crowded with people that came from all over the city as they enjoyed their dollar dogs! Tents were set up with tables and chairs to allow customers to keep cool and out of the sun while our on-site DJ entertained the crowd by playing this year's summer favorites!

The event was sponsored by the EAP and celebrated in the city by two long-time eateries, Jerry’s Famous Frankfurters and Tommy’s Hot Dogs and Sausages which drew patrons from near and far!

Tommy’s, located at 900 Second Avenue has been operating for 47 years and run by the son of the original proprietor Tommy Parinello, Sr., who started the business after his father purchased the building on Second Avenue. A third generation business, Tommy’s has been ranked annually as the one of the top 5 best Italian Hot Dogs in the state while Jerry’s cracks the Top 20 each year for Best Hot Dog in the State of NJ. The Star Ledger Munchmobile and National Food Magazines have written about both places extensively over the years with Tommy’s receiving National acclaim by various publications and rankings.

Jerry’s Famous Frankfurters, 906 Second Avenue, is entering its 66th year of operation on Elizabeth Avenue and has gained a following for not only its hot dogs but homemade chili using the same recipe for years. Present owner Miguel Patrikios has perfected the cooking method passed down for generations which give Jerry’s hot dogs that perfect “snap” that keep customers coming back for more. Both eateries are open seven days a week, including holidays.

The EAP represents more than 300 businesses within the Elizabeth Avenue Special Improvement District and promotes the Avenue as a great place to visit, shop, live and operate a business. For more information about the program, please call the EAP at 908-965-0660.